About us

Founded in 2018, A&M Gold Buyers is dedicated to being your most secure and trusted source for sales of gold, silver and platinum. Our commitment to transparency and outstanding customer service makes us stand apart. A&M Gold Buyers serves the precious metal industry all across Canada and does business with metals dealers, refiners, wholesalers and the public at large. Our pricing for bullion, jewellery, bars and coins is up to date and competitive. Our store is located in Ajax and is open six days a week, and we welcome walk-ins. Alternatively, you can call us at any time for reliable and confidential service.

We repurchase all forms of gold, silver & platinum products including jewellery, bars & coins. Our repurchase prices are based on actual market prices. This allows customers to monitor the price of gold before deciding to sell.

Over the years, we have committed to purchase gold from the general public, pawnshops, jewellers and general stores. Our experienced team can use advanced analytical tools to quickly and transparently verify different types of gold. Upon request, large quantities of gold can also be prepared for analysis at accredited and reputable refineries or mints. Payments are fast and according to the seller’s instructions.

Buy or Sell Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium Bullion, Bars & Coins At A&M Gold Buyers, We carry a wide variety of Gold Bullion Collection. We Buy & Sell all denominations.

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