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About investing in Gold Bullion

What is Gold Bullion?

In Canada, fine .999+ gold bullion is considered an investment grade product and is not subject to sales tax; you can invest in gold bullion through your RRSP and benefit from the tax benefits. Only gold coins, however, are designed for circulation and are considered legal tender.

How to purchase Gold Bullion?

Like all other investments, investing in Gold Bullion should be kept simple. One of the best ways to purchase Gold Bullion is to select the product in person from a local bullion dealer or a store in your area.

Who invests in Gold Bullion?

Gold bullion is a general investment product that has been around for hundreds of years—mainly purchased by the general public, business owners, hedge fund managers, Banks & Governments. Gold bullion is often considered a long-term investment product.

What are the most popular investment products?

The most popular product in Canada is the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin, a fine Gold investment-grade product minted by Royal Canadian Mint. In addition, Gold 1,5 & 10-ounce bars are also popular. A Gold Kilo bar is also a top-rated investment-grade product manufactured by the Royal Canadian Mint.

What is considered an investment-grade product?

Any Gold product 99.9 percent or higher in purity.

What are casted gold bars & bullion?

When gold is melted and made into bullion, the bullion is created by simply pouring the molten metal into a mould. The resultant bar has a lesser polish and is somewhat more rounded than minted or extruded bullion. The semi-cooled gold bars are branded with the requisite brand, weight, and purity indications.

What are minted gold bars & bullion?

Minted gold bullion is struck using high-pressure dies, resulting in an equal, high-quality finish on both sides. The minted gold bullion can be in the form of a bar or a coin and is frequently separately wrapped in a plastic cover.

What is the cheapest gold bullion to purchase?

Cast gold bullion is often less expensive and has the same purity and weight. Minted stack better than poured bars. These bars are ideal for people who are just interested in the precious metal as an investment and are indifferent about beauty or international tradability.

What type of gold bullion should I purchase?

Minted gold bullion is normally more expensive, but it is frequently manufactured by COMEX or LBMA approved refineries and hence has worldwide recognition if you transport your gold abroad. If look is essential, these will be more appealing than cast bars and will typically come with a protective sleeve.

Should I buy gold coins?

Gold coins are generally more expensive, but they offer the most flexibility in terms of being recognized by any dealer anywhere in the world, having a face value that may be useful for tax or import restrictions if taken overseas, and some coming in limited runs that may realize a ‘collectible’ premium in the future.

How long should I hold on to my gold bullion?

Many investors hold on to the gold bullion for long terms. Like any other investment it is ideal to hold on to your gold bullion until you see some profit.

When is a good time to invest in gold bullion?

When investing in gold bullion timing plays a key factor. It is best to buy gold bullion at the lowest price possible. Consider looking at gold price charts and the historical gold price data to determine a good time to buy gold. Here is a link to our historical gold price chart. https://amgoldbuyers.ca/home/charts-and-news/

Best way to store gold bars, coins & bullion?

The best practice to consider would be storing your gold bullion at a bank locker or a safety deposit box. Depending on your investment you might require a medium to large size safety deposit box. Keep your bullion gold bullion in its original packaging. For an added layer of protection, a bubble wrap envelope is a great way to keep your gold bullion safe and away from any possible damage.


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When do I receive my Bullion?2021-08-18T14:41:04-04:00

It depends on the payment method you select – usually the same day or within five business days.

What do you accept as method of payments?2021-08-18T14:37:31-04:00
  1. Cash – No hold – Product is released right away if in stock.
  2. Cheque – 5 Business days hold
  3. Bank Draft – 4 Business days hold
  4. Wire transfer – 2 Business days hold
What if the product I select is not in stock?2021-02-27T13:33:53-05:00

If you choose a product that is not in stock; it normally take 5 business days to arrive and become available for pickup in-store

When is my price locked in?2021-08-18T14:32:37-04:00

Your price is locked in immediately, and a receipt is issued with your selected product, including a total payment amount due.

When do I make a payment?2021-08-18T14:30:21-04:00

All orders require total payment upfront.

Do I need ID?2021-02-27T13:38:16-05:00

Yes, all orders require ID.

What type of ID is required?2021-08-18T14:26:39-04:00

A valid driver’s license. Some additional identification documents may also be required.

Is my personal information stored?2021-08-18T14:23:35-04:00

Your personal information is kept for our records only. Please visit our privacy policy page for more details.

Should I invest in Silver or Gold?2021-02-27T13:40:14-05:00

We do not provide any financial advice.

Do I have to setup an account?2021-02-27T13:40:50-05:00

No, you can make a purchase without setting up an account.


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